The future is Kinetic.

Kinetic Commerce is a leading design innovation and technology firm with offices in Toronto and New York. We specialize in helping leading enterprises bring the best parts of digital and physical commerce together to create seamless experiences for their customers and empower their associates to sell smarter, operate more efficiently and deliver superior service.

Driving innovation from concept to scale.

Kinetic's business includes three core pillars specifically designed to empower rapid and continuous innovation from concept to scale.



A cutting-edge innovation lab that helps our partners create next-generation connected commerce experiences while continuously driving new platform innovation and creating new Kinetic products.

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An enterprise SaaS platform that empowers our partners to design, build, integrate, deploy and manage connected commerce apps on any device with startup speed and limitless scale.

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A suite of turnkey digital and mobile products designed through close collaboration with leading retailers that our partners can configure and bring to market within just weeks.

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Kinetic Commerce blends customer-centric design-thinking with rapid agile development and scalable enterprise software to bring next-generation connected commerce solutions to market with startup speed and limitless scale.

Thinkers. Makers. Doers.

Kinetic Commerce is led by a hand-picked team of world-class designers, engineers, futurists, strategists and entrepreneurs.

_staff/img_staff_david-d.png David Dougherty
Co-founder, President, Chief Creative Officer
_staff/img_staff_chris-c.png Chris Carder
Co-founder, Chief Commercialization Officer
_staff/img_staff_gary-f.png Gary Fung
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer
_staff/img_staff_troy-m.png Troy Michaud
Vice President of Engineering
_staff/img_staff_scott-b.png Scott Bryan
_staff/img_staff_doug-d.png Doug Doe
Director of Mobile Engineering
_staff/img_staff_chris-a.png Chris Andreoli
Director of Key Accounts
_staff/img_staff_natasha-a.png Natasha Adams
Talent Specialist
_staff/img_staff_steve-a.png Steve Andrews
Labs Engineer
_staff/img_staff_jesse-a.png Jesse Anger
Dev/Ops Engineer
_staff/img_staff_polly-a.png Polly Auyeung
Interaction Designer, Team Lead
_staff/img_staff_zeinab-b.png Zeinab Bagheri
Project Manager
_staff/img_staff_illya-b.png Illya Bakurov
Mobile Engineer (iOS)
_staff/img_staff_kaitlin-d.png Kaitlin DeBrabandere
Office Manager
_staff/img_staff_sady-d.png Sady Ducros
Head of Insight & Foresight
img_about_staff-missing-image.png Teressa Eid
Mobile Engineer Contractor (iOS)
img_about_staff-missing-image.png Alexander Ekdahl
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_mauricio-f.png Mauricio Esteves Filho
Mobile Engineer (iOS) Intern
_staff/img_staff_jeremy-f.png Jeremy Fuellert
Mobile Engineer
_staff/img_staff_timothy-f.png Timothy Fung
Platform Engineer Intern
_staff/img_staff_srilatha-k.png Srilatha Karancheti
Mobile Engineer (iOS)
_staff/img_staff_makram-k.png Makram Karmaleddine
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_laura-l.png Laura Lamanna
Q&A Engineer, QA
_staff/img_staff_zeshan-m.png Zeshan Mahmood
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_nitin-m.png Nitin Malik
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_jesse-m.png Jesse Mignac
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_cameron-m.png Cameron Mitchell
Product Manager
_staff/img_staff_ben-m.png Ben Morgan
Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_trevor-o.png Trevor Oke
Lead Platform Engineer
_staff/img_staff_june-p.png June Paik
Interaction Designer
_staff/img_staff_matt-p.png Matthew Patience
Lead Engineer, Advanced Prototyping
_staff/img_staff_petar-p.png Petar Puric
Mobile Engineer (Android)
_staff/img_staff_jordan-r.png Jordan Ratandawong
Platform Engineer Contractor
_staff/img_staff_leigh-s.png Leigh Sandison
Creative Strategist
img_about_staff-missing-image.png Sayem Siam
Mobile Engineer (iOS)
_staff/img_staff_erica-s.png Erica Sokolovskaia
Interaction Designer
_staff/img_staff_tony-w.png Tony Wu
Mobile Engineer
_staff/img_staff_austin-z.png Austin Ziegler
Director of Platform Engineering

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